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eWeather HD - Weather & Alerts app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 112 ratings )
Weather Utilities
Developer: Elecont LLC
3.99 USD
Current version: 3.8, last update: 9 months ago
First release : 09 Nov 2010
App size: 125.82 Mb

The Worlds only iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad weather app specifically designed to provide all the info you need in one place. Its designed to look beautiful and work beautifully! eWeather HD provides a lot of features, but not at the loss of elegant display simplicity. Get accurate and reliable 24-hour and 10-day weather forecast utilizing unique multi-provide system, future radar images, severe weather alerts, earthquakes, air quality, storm/typhoon tracks combined with data from NOAA buoys, sea surface temperatures, historical weather data and climate averages, tide predictions and much more…

Key features:

▸ Ten-day, hour-by-hour local and international weather forecasts
▸ Instant severe weather alerts using PUSH (U.S. and Europe)
▸ High-Resolution Doppler, Predictive (Future) Weather Radar (rain+snow)
▸ Global storm, typhoon, cyclone tracks and future paths
▸ Live temperature on home screen badge
▸ Three types of windgets (current weather, hourly and weekly forecasts)
▸ Four visual themes with Night mode

▸ Barometric pressure PUSH alerts (migraine detector)
▸ Current weather conditions PUSH notifications

▸ Geomagnetic activity, UV index
▸ Air quality
▸ Earthquakes
▸ Satellite cloud animations (U.S., Europe and Asia)
▸ Sun/Moon times, Moon phase & day

▸ Tide predictions, tide charts, high and low tide times
▸ Near-realtime data from over 700 NOAA buoys, beach & global sea surface temperatures (wind, wave details and etc.)
▸ Global sea surface t°

▸ Astronomical events (Solar, Lunar eclipses, Equinox, Solstice and etc.)

▸ Animated weather, wind maps
▸ 365-day Long-range weather forecast and climate data
▸ 3-d touch widget, Spotlight and rich iOS PUSH notifications
▸ Beautiful Apple Watch weather App with complications

Detailed weather features:

• Ten-day weather forecast including
- Day/night conditions
- Wind speed and direction
- Probability of precipitation (rain or snow)
- Rainfall, snowfall amounts
- Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, moon day & phase
- UV index, geomagnetic activity

• Hourly weather forecast for the next 24 hours
- Temperature and feels like temperature
- Humidity, dew point
- Probability of precipitation (rain or snow)
- Rainfall and snowfall amounts
- Wind speed, direction
- UV index and geomagnetic activity

• Current weather conditions
- Temperature and feels like t°
- Humidity
- Pressure of air
- Realtime data from air pressure sensor
- Wind speed, direction
- Dew point
- t° of water

√ Can minimize the harm to your property and protect your personal safety

√ Can alert you to potentially life threatening weather (hail, tornado, hurricane, flood, thunderstorm and etc.) via audible push notifications directly to your device even if your not currently using the app and your device is asleep and locked

√ Weather Clock interface can tell you at a glance exactly when it will rain (or snow)

√ Provides up-to-minute weather forecast for the next 24 hours (8 types of data)

√ Provides 10-day weather forecast with detailed weather data

√ Climate data & sea temperatures for 12 months

√ Includes 3 beautiful widgets: current weather, hourly and weekly forecasts

√ Uses two weather providers (located in the US and EU) to bring you precise hourly forecasts as well as a full 10-day forecast. Multi-provider system lets you choose the most accurate weather data for your location

√ Helps you to plan your outdoor activities with the amazing accuracy. Just take a look at the Weather Clock and you’ll be secured against any weather surprises

√ Includes interactive weather maps: current conditions and future weather, hi-def weather radar, storm tracks and affected areas, severe-weather alerts, sea surface temperatures, NOAA buoys, Satellite cloud cover imagery, Earthquakes

√ Displays current temperature right on your Home Screen

√ Alerts about weather that triggers Migraine Headaches (PUSH). Now you always know the cause of headaches or migraines if it is linked with changes in the air pressure

Pros and cons of eWeather HD - Weather & Alerts app for iPhone and iPad

eWeather HD - Weather & Alerts app good for

This continues to be the best and most stable weather app I have used and I have tried quite a few... Keep up the good work!This is a brilliant iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch weather app, the only one youll ever need! Contains in depth weather conditions including radar, weather alerts and earthquakes, tide charts...
Outstanding & versatile program! Great graphics and a pleasure to use. My goto app for the best weather service. ???
Excellent the graphics, the formats, and the accuracy. Very reliable, easy to use & understand.
This continues to be the best and most stable weather app I have used and I have tried quite a few... Keep up the good work!This is a brilliant iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch weather app, the only one youll ever need! Contains in depth weather conditions including radar, weather alerts and earthquakes, tide charts... Works flawlessly for me and I like the clock with integrated hourly weather
Love this app. I have quite a few weather apps and this one is just superb. Worth every penny and then some.
I put this app on my iPad the day I bought it. Its been on there ever since. It is stable, as accurate as weather prediction can be, and the updates dont crash it. Ive been through many apps and deleted them for stability reasons, removal of vital functionalities, or deciding I just dont like the app, but this ones a keeper. Just put it on my iPhone, equally as pleased. This is simply an elegant, gorgeous, well-designed app. Highly recommend it!

Some bad moments

I wouldnt spend money on this app. Hasnt been updated in more than a year. Worked well when it was working but is now unreliable crashes and wont open. No watch support anymore either.
The app freezes all the time when switching between displayed information like the radar and hourly/daily. Cant use it once without problems. Will change review upon fix. Would like to see radar and satellite imagery able to be displayed together, like on Android.
Okay, but expected weather by hour like on the android version
No updates in almost a year. You would think they would want to improve the app for paying customers but I guess its not that important to them Temperature consistently reads 6-8 degrees higher than all other weather apps installed. Forecasts are accurate, temps are not. Probably using airports as the gauge
Badly in need of an update. App is crashing on latest iOS. Close to a year since the last update so maybe its dead? As it is, it cant be relied upon for accurate forecasts and certainly not alerts.
This is a full-featured app with an elegant interface. I want to love it. It has everything... except an accurate temperature reading. Since I purchased the app last weekend, it has not once displayed an accurate temperature for my Midwest location. I expect weather apps to vary a degree or so, but this one is consistently 6-10 degrees off the mark, making it essentially useless to me. Its too bad, because its otherwise a beautiful app.

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